Find Out How To Cope With Hypertension And Overcome It

If you are one of the millions of men and women who are suffering from higher than normal blood pressure you need to learn how to cope with hypertension.

What is probably more important is that if you have not had your blood pressure checked recently you must do. There are millions of people who currently have blood pressure levels which are far higher than they should be and who do not even know they have the problem.

What is hypertension?

Your blood pressure is the amount of force blood pushing against blood vessel walls brings. One of the major jobs of your heart is to pump blood into your arteries and these blood vessels then carry blood throughout your body.

If you are suffering from hypertension it is dangerous because your heart has to work that much harder to pump blood to your body. This effect can cause the hardening of arteries and bring heart failure on.

It is known that men suffer from hypertension more than women do. Being overweight is a major cause and the more excess weight you are carrying the more prone you are to this condition.

Blood pressure readings

These are extremely straight forward to take and consist of a top number (known as systolic) and a bottom number (known as diastolic). What should blood pressure be? You will find that reading under the ‘normal’ header – any of the others should be treated with caution.

Normal = Less than 120 over 80 (you will generally see this written as 120/80)

Pre-hypertension = 120-139 over 80-89

Stage 1 high blood pressure = 140-159 over 90-99

Stage 2 high blood pressure = 160++ over 100++

Those people who are over the age of 60 – If you have readings of 150++ over 90++ your levels are too high.

Anyone with readings which are higher than ‘normal’ really should seek advice from their doctor as to how to bring levels back to normal.

What can cause hypertension?

The exact causes are unknown, but there are factors which are understood to contribute to this condition.

We have already touched on being overweight or obese; smoking is a cause as is excess alcohol consumption. Lack of exercise, too much salt in your diet, stress and old age are all thought to be contributing factors.

Such things as genetics, a family history of hypertension, adrenal or thyroid disorders as well as chronic kidney disease also play a part.

Salt sensitive

The vast majority of people with hypertension are known as being “salt sensitive”. This means that if they take anything more than the minimum amount of salt their body needs it will be too much for them and will increase their blood pressure.

To reinforce this ‘salt’ link one needs to look at the people living on the northern islands of Japan. They eat more salt per head than anyone else in the world and have the highest incidence of hypertension. You can contrast this with people who do not add salt to their food and they will show virtually no signs of hypertension.

How to cope with hypertension

The first thing is that you need to face up to the fact you have this problem. You then need to take steps to improve your diet and exercise regimen.

Hypertension is an extremely common problem and your doctor will have many suggestions as to how you can bring yours down.

In terms of diet there is an extremely effective diet known as the DASH diet which, when followed can reduce your blood pressure levels in as little as two weeks. This may require willpower and determination from your side, but it is far better than the alternative you could be faced with!

Home blood pressure monitors

While it should not be a great problem to get to your doctor’s surgery on a regular basis you can take things into your own hands by investing in a monitor for home use. The acknowledged leaders in this field are Omron. Here is what they can offer

Omron blood pressure monitors

The Omron monitors are consistently ranked as the most trusted in the USA. This is verified by health professionals and consumers alike.

Further proof of this is the company’s position in the market and that they have sold over 100 million blood pressure unit worldwide.

In terms of home use their range of monitors offer real quality, reliability and accuracy. There are 21 upper arm monitors and 5 wrist monitors to choose from, as well as models which allow connectivity to an electronic device such as a laptop.

These monitors offer patented technology and you should expect accurate result each and every time you use them. To confirm the company’s high standing in the health market place you just need to understand that the company’s monitors are used in 50 pct of all clinical trials and national health surveys carried out worldwide.

Their patented technology and high standing in the health market mean you will get exact results every time. If further proof of this were needed just consider the fact that the company’s monitors are used in 50% of all clinical trials and national health surveys carried out worldwide.

Benefits of home monitoring

If you monitor at home you can get into a regular routine which will ensure that you are on top of your blood pressure levels constantly. Dependent upon the home machine you choose you can do a whole variety of things in terms of keeping records and historical data.

You can also keep a log of the improvements you are making to your diet and your exercise regimen to see how effective they are. Such data and information can be taken to your doctor for them to consider where improvements can be made, or if you are on the right track to bringing those blood pressure levels back down.

There are many ways in terms of how to cope with hypertension and being proactive is one of the most important things you can do. Please do not ignore this potential problem when there are many things you can do to correct this potentially fatal condition.


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