Blood Pressure Machine – Why Every Home Should Have One.

Blood pressure machines are a vital ‘tool of the trade’ in hospitals and doctors surgeries. They should also be an integral part of your home health kit.

Why is it so important to have your blood pressure regularly checked?

Millions of men and women are currently unaware that their blood pressure levels are higher than they should be. This is because quite often signs of high blood pressure do not show until it is too late.Blood Pressure Machine

The medical term for high blood pressure is hypertension although a more sinister name is often associated to it. This is “The Silent Killer”. Hypertension is responsible for more strokes than any other condition and plays a large part in the cardiovascular problems you encounter.

Such a quick and easy test

The fact that so many of us chose to ignore regular checks is quite astonishing. Such tests take only minutes to complete and they are totally painless. Once you have the average reading from three quick checks of your levels you will know whether you have an issue or not.

Are blood pressure machines accurate?

These machines are calibrated to exacting standards and such standards are dependent upon whether they are for use in commercial conditions or for those home use machines. Either way they are accurate and comply with strict international standards.

Symptoms of high blood pressure

This is one of the major issues surrounding hypertension. Very often sufferers have no ‘real’ symptoms’ and are therefore not aware that their blood pressure is creeping up.

Yes, you may have headaches and yes, you may feel more tired than normal, but these things are not automatically linked with high blood pressure.

Many studies have taken place regarding this condition and it is known that men suffer from hypertension more than women do. If you are overweight you are increasing your chance of having high blood pressure, and just as importantly the more overweight you are the more likely the condition is.

If you do find you need blood pressure medication it is easily and readily supplied.

Blood pressure level and how hard your heart must work

It is very important to understand that the higher your blood pressure is the harder your heart has to work. Your heart has many roles to play and one of its most important is to pump blood throughout your arteries. If you have hypertension you are making your heart work that much harder in terms of it achieving this pumping action.

What causes hypertension?

We have already mentioned that being overweight is a cause of heightened blood pressure. Two other major causes are that your blood vessels are clogged and therefore excessive constriction will cause your blood pressure to rise. These blockages put additional stress on your heart which forces it to work harder to push blood through your veins.

If this becomes severe it can lead to strokes, heart attacks and even kidney failure.

Hardened arteries

If your blood pressure rises and stays high there is a good possibility that you could encounter hardened arteries. This is a major cause of heart failure and can also contribute to other cardiovascular problems.

Readings to concern you

When using blood pressure machines you need to understand when levels are considered healthy and which are too high. Here is a guide to what you should be looking for;

Normal readings are classed at anything up to (120 over 80) 120/80. You will be in a ‘pre-hypertension state if your readings are between 120-139/80-89. Stage 1 high blood pressure is between 140-159/90-99 and stage 2 high blood pressure is 160+ over 100+.

These readings can be taken by a wrist blood pressure cuff being attached to your arm and then allowing the machine to do its work.  If you know there is a potential issue then you can take steps to bring your blood pressure down. Such steps will include an improvement in your diet and some regular exercise, but this is a cheap price to pay for your health.

What you will need to eat more of:

You should look at such things as low-fat dairy foods, start to eat more vegetables and vary them with each meal. Fish is excellent for you as is poultry. Then you should look at nuts and wholegrain product and make sure that fruit becomes a staple of your daily diet.

The other foods you should be looking at are those which are rich in calcium, magnesium and potassium.

What to eat less of?

I think you know what this section will include! You must reduce your intake of foods which are high in saturated fat and cholesterol. This means eating less red meat, sweet snacks and sticky puddings.

For anyone who is suffering from hypertension it really is worthwhile speaking to your doctor about the:

DASH diet

This stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. It is an effective eating plan which when followed can help to reduce your blood pressure in as little as two weeks. It offers excellent results to bring those levels back down to normal.

Regular check-ups or home monitoring?

While it is obviously important to visit your doctor on a regular basis if you are feeling under the weather or have known conditions which need to be monitored. In terms of blood pressure you do not need to make the trip so often if you invest in one of the best home blood pressure machines available.

These home use machines have been perfectly calibrated and tested and will allow you to carry out your own checks on a weekly basis. This means that you and the rest of your family will have complete peace of mind in terms of hypertension issues.

They are easy to use, easy to store and offer a whole host of options dependent upon what types of check you want.

They are extremely well priced and to be honest the range of blood pressure machines available for home use offer such benefits that no home should be without one.