Microlife Vs Omron – a Blood Pressure Monitor Review

There are many blood pressure monitoring devices available that are suitable for home use. Two big brands have brought various devices on the market and this Omron vs Microlife battle keeps going on. Everybody always wants to know which brand is better. To compare Microlife and Omron is not easy, but the Microlife deluxe blood pressure monitor will be compared with the popular Omron BP786. The pros of two budget models will also be weighed against the cons.

Microlife vs omron BP monitors

Microlife Popular

Omron Popular

Microlife Budget

Omron Budget

Nr. OF AMAZON REVIEWS217145679433
CUFF SIZE (INCHES)9.5 to 13.25 AND 12 to 169 to 179.5 to 13.259 to 17
PRICE (AMAZON)Check Current PriceCheck Current PriceCheck Current PriceCheck Current Price

The Microlife 3MC1-PC and Omron BP786 Discussion



As expected for monitors in this class and price range these models have one-touch auto inflate and test feature. Using the monitors is easy – simply place the arm cuff on one of your biceps and press the start button.

The Microlife blood pressure monitor also has an averaging feature, just like the Omron unit, which many experts recommend in order to achieve the most accurate readings. The averaging features works by taking three measurements and then averaging the results.

Both units can accommodate two users and keep track of up to 99and 100 readings for each person. To further accommodate different users the Deluxe device comes with two different size arm cuffs. The Omron 10 series model comes with their easy to use ComFit Cuff. This bp cuff has a wider range than the two other cuffs together. This feaurure makes the bp device more suitable for bigger and smaller sized arms.

The two models both have a large display and are easy to read with black writing on a light background.

One feature that is not available on the omron model, is the medication reminder alarm. This can not only be helpful for taking your pills at the right time of the day. It can also remind you to measure your blood pressure every day at the same time.

Microlife’s deluxe bp model doesn’t support bluetooth or wireless connectivity, but has a usb connection to transfer the data. With the omron model it is the other way around, so this a just a matter of personal preference.

What’s Included?

The Microlife 3MC1-PC comes with one zippable storage case, 4″AA” batteries that are installed, two different size arm cuffs and user manual (English and Spanish). It is a pity Omron does not include 4 batteries and a storage case for the BP786. This is something you would expect from a high end product.


This Microlife unit has received more than 100 reviews on Amazon.com with the majority rating it a 4 out of 5 stars. Some reviews indicated that this is not the model to choose if you are looking for an easily portable model. The Omron model has way more amazon reviews (over 1400) and also a rating average of 4.5 stars. So the majority of the users are really satisfied with this product.

The Microlife 3MC1 PC model has the ability to have the data uploaded to a computer however some users have voiced complaints that the data is difficult to use and decipher once uploaded. Others have reported issues specifically with Windows 7 and Vista. The Omron model reports less problems nowadays when transfering data.

Microlife 3MC1-PC Ultimate Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with Irregular Heartbeat Detection Microlife BP3MC1-PC
Omron 10 Series Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Wide-Range ComFit Cuff (BP786) Omron BP786

What About the Budget Microlife Blood Pressure Monitor and the Omron BP710N?


The Main Features

These unit are budget-priced monitors but yet deliver the best in healthcare technology into one’s home. Both monitors offers an easy one-touch operation with a start/stop button.

They have a large LCD display that show one’s systolic, diastolic and pulse readings.

The Microlife’s arm cuff is medium-sized and fits arm circumferences of 9.5 inches to 13.25 inches. The cuff has artery marks denoted on it that need to be lined up with one’s brachial artery while the airline tube runs down the inside of the arm. The Omron 3 series has a serious advantage when it comes to cuff size. The wide D-ring cuff fits arms with a circumference of 9 to 17 inches.

What’s Included in This Version?

Both blood pressure monitors come with a cuff, quick start user guide and instruction manual (English and Spanish). Four AA batteries are unfortunately not included in the omron device.

What do People Say?

Both bp monitors have a average amazon rating of 4.5 stars, but the omron machine has over five times more reviews than the Microlife device. The monitors are portable and lightweight and feature one-touch functionality.

They are clinically validated for home use, so both have a good accuracy.

Some of the drawbacks noted by reviewers are that the Microlife unit does not have built-in memory (except for the last measurement). They lack features such as an irregular heartbeat detector, blood pressure level indicator and movement detector. They do not have a storage case and only accommodate one user.

Microlife Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Microlife BP3AQ1-1
Omron 3 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Wide-Range Cuff (BP710N) Omron BP710N


9 Factors to Consider When Comparing Blood Pressure Monitor Brands

microlife blood pressure monitorWhen you search for blood pressure monitors, you will find that there are several reputable brands available for your consideration. Use the following 9 factors to compare different brands, including:

  • ReliOn
  • Panasonic
  • Omron
  • HoMedics
  • MicroLife

Each of these brands carries multiple monitor models, so you will also want to investigate different feature levels and price points.

Number one - amount of blood pressure monitor readingsDetermine how many readings each brand allows you to store in their blood pressure monitors

Every time you take your blood pressure, many monitors will store the readings up to a certain threshold. For example, omron blood pressure monitors store anywhere from 15 readings in their simplest models to more than 200 for their high-end products. The top homedics blood pressure monitor, on the other hand, stores a maximum of 120 readings.

Additionally, determine whether you need your blood pressure monitors to support two users. Omron, Panasonic, HoMedics, and ReliOn all feature 2-user models, though the maximum reading storage is typically divided between the two users.

number two - bp monitor that is averaging multiple measurementsDecide whether or not you want your blood pressure monitor to average multiple scores

Some blood pressure monitors offer average readings. This can take two different forms: In one, three readings are taken in quick succession, then averaged to produce a final reading; in the other, averages over several weeks are offered to provide a comprehensive overview of readings in that time span.

For example, there is one microlife blood pressure monitor that provides both standard and average readings. Several of Omron’s models, ranging from the simple to the complex, have this feature, and ReliOn’s two high-end models also have advanced averaging features.

number three - np machines with irregular heartbeat and hypertension detection feautureLook for models with pulse, irregular heartbeat, and hypertension detection

The best blood pressure monitors detect changes or issues with your heart rate and blood pressure to help you stay on top of your health. Pulse measurements, irregular heartbeat alerts, and hypertension detection are just three examples.

All of MicroLife’s monitors offer pulse detection, and most use their PAD technology to detect heart arrhythmia. However, they do not have automatic hypertension alerts to tell you when your systolic or diastolic measurements exceed the healthy range.

Omron’s high-end models, by contrast, offer each of these three features, as do ReliOn’s best models. Panasonic’s wrist models flash an alert to tell you when you have ventured into hypertensive territory, while some HoMedics models offer irregular heartbeat detection.

number four - compare wrist and upper arm modelsEvaluate both wrist and upper-arm models

All of these brands offer both upper-arm and wrist blood pressure monitors. However, it is important to remember that wrist monitors are considered less accurate than upper-arm models on the whole, and Omron’s wrist models are often touted as the most accurate in their category.

If you decide to buy a wrist model, you might want an upper-arm cuff, as well. This will allow you to maintain accuracy and to compare readings between the two different devices.

number five - can it be connected to a smart phone or pcCheck for smart phone or PC connectivity

A few modern blood pressure monitor brands offer the ability to connect your monitor to other devices, such as your smart phone or home computer. Omron’s high-end models, for example, allow you to connect to your PC so you can store and evaluate your results from the computer.

MicroLife is another brand to consider if you want maximum integration between all the devices you use. Many of their models can be connected to your computer or smart phone so you can access your information from any of those devices.

number six - check display size and clarityConsider the size and clarity of the display

When evaluating different blood pressure monitor brands and models, look at the size of the display and the clarity of the numbers. This is particularly important if you suffer from failing or poor eyesight, as you don’t want to have to struggle to read your results.

Omron and ReliOn are excellent choices for large displays with crystal-clear numbers. You don’t have trouble distinguishing one number from the other, and there is plenty of contrast for crisp viewing.

number seven - check out the inflation level of a bp deviceFind out how each blood pressure monitor determines inflation levels

Several Omron models are equipped with Intellisense, which allows the monitor to inflate the cuff to specific levels every time you use it. MicroLife wrist monitors come with sensitive information technology, which can also help with comfort and accuracy.

number eight - check warranties for each model and every brandCompare the warranties offered for different models within each brand

Your panasonic blood pressure monitor comes with a two-year warranty for both parts and labor, while a relion blood pressure monitor comes with a five-year limited warranty. Check these details before you purchase a monitor just in case something goes wrong.

number nine - is it a trustwothy blood pressure brandConsider brand recognition

Some blood pressure monitors are considered more accurate and reliable based on their brand track records. Omron, for example, is the world’s leading manufacturer of monitors, while Panasonic is known for producing all different types of electronics, from electric toothbrushes to telephones. The more you know about each brand, the easier it becomes to choose an appropriate blood pressure monitor for your family.

A Final Word

Blood pressure is described as the pressure exerted against the artery walls as blood flows through. Left untreated long-term high blood pressure damages one’s organs and eventually leads to heart disease or increased risk of stroke. Because blood pressure does not remain static throughout the day, medical professionals advise individuals that are at risk or those already diagnosed with high blood pressure to monitor their blood pressure at home. When making a decision on which blood pressure device to purchase a good place to start is by reading a microlife blood pressure monitor review or another reliable brand.

Referred to by many in the medical field as the “silent killer“, hypertension or high blood pressure, affects over 30% of adults in the United States. That’s around 70 million people or one in three adults. Anyone, even children, can develop the condition. High blood pressure significantly increases one’s risk to develop heart disease and possibly stroke -; ranked as the first and third leading cause of death, respectively, in the United States. Many people are completely unaware that they even have high blood pressure, hence the importance of checking one’s blood pressure regularly.