The Best Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Comparison: Which One Fits Your Needs Best?

When it comes to a blood pressure machine, Omron products are the most trusted on the market. However, the manufacturer produces several different models. So you will want to compare each option to determine what is the best blood pressure monitor for you. To make it easy for you, the comparison chart is divided into two parts. First reviews and services of each bp device will be shown. In the second part several features will be compared between the models. After the upper arm comparison charts, the 3, 5, 7  and 10 series functions will be explained in detail.

Click here if you want to compare the wrist models. A table of the different Omron bp cuffs can be found here.

Part 1 – Omron Upper Arm BP Monitor Comparison Chart – Reviews & Services



4.5 Star Rating

> 796



4.4 Star Rating

> 2615


7 SERIES (BP761)

4.3 Star Rating

> 199


10 SERIES (BP786N)

4.3 Star Rating

> 3842



Part 2 – Omron Upper Arm BP Monitor Comparison Chart – Features



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14Wide-Range D-Ring


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100Wide-Range D-Ring

7 SERIES (BP761)

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120Easy-Wrap ComFit

10 SERIES (BP786N)

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200Easy-Wrap ComFit


Omron 3 Series Monitors, the budget models

Wthat is the best home blood pressure monitor - is it the omron 3 seriesThe omron 3 series automatic blood pressure monitors are designed for the budget-conscious user who doesn’t worry about bells and whistles. This model comes in both upper arm and wrist models, depending on your preferred method of monitoring your health.

Like all modern Omron models, the 3 series cuff comes with Intellisense technology,
which allows the device to inflate to the same degree every time you use it. It also contains sufficient memory to store 14 readings so you can keep track of changes in your blood pressure.

It also features an irregular heartbeat detector. If the cuff is improperly placed, you might get this warning, in which case you should take your blood pressure again to ensure accuracy.

More Options With The Omron 5 Series Monitors

 the best omron blood pressure monitor - is it the omron 5 series The next step up in Omron’s series of home blood pressure monitors is the omron 5 series. Instead of the 14-reading memory featured in the 3 series, this model retains 60 readings for better tracking of your progress.

The 5 series also introduces two-user mode, which means that two people can use the monitor. For example, if both you and your spouse track your blood pressure you won’t have to purchase two devices just to keep your readings separate.

In addition to the irregular heartbeat detector, the 5 series also has a built-in hypertension indicator. If your reading falls into the hypertensive range, the device will alert you to that fact in addition to displaying your systolic and diastolic numbers.

Omron 7 Series Monitors Has ComFit Cuffs

Compare blood pressure monitorsIf you prefer more versatility in your home blood pressure monitor, the omron 7 series is a good place to start. This model comes with an AC adapter so you can use your monitor when it doesn’t have batteries by plugging it into a wall outlet. This is perfect for travel, especially if you forget to bring fresh batteries with you. Besides the upper arm model, there’s also a wrist model available.

The Omron 7 Series monitor also introduces the ComFit cuff, which makes every blood pressure reading more comfortable. If you have a larger arm, this is definitely a good investment in your health. There are three basic sizes that most people consider when purchasing a blood pressure monitor:

  • Standard cuffs fit an arm with a diameter of 9-13 inches
  • Large cuffs fit an arm with a diameter of 13-17 inches
  • ComFit Cuffs fit both ranges, from 9-17 inches, so you don’t have to guess

Another important feature of the 7 series is the morning hypertension indicator. If your blood pressure readings are higher in the morning than at other parts of the day (often called morning hypertension), this is information that you should discuss with your physician.

The only small drawback to the 7 series is that it does not come equipped with a memory storage amount of 200. If you would like to save your blood pressure measurement history several times a day for a longer period, consider one of the more advanced models, such as the Omron BP785, for more extended features.

Is The Omron 10 Series The Best Blood Pressure Monitor?

The best blood pressure monitor available

The most advanced and feature-packed blood pressure monitors on Omron’s slate are in the 10 series. The omron 10 series bp785, for example, is one of the most popular models because it offers more flexibility, accuracy, and reliability than the other models on the market.

For example, the omron bp785 stores up to 200 readings, rather than the 30-60 readings stored by the other models. It also comes with two-user mode so you can share your monitor with someone else in your household.

Remember that accuracy is essential in a home blood pressure monitoring system. The 10 series comes equipped with TruRead technology, which is an automatic system during which the monitor takes 3 separate readings, each 60 seconds apart, then averages the numbers to provide you with a more accurate understanding of your blood pressure results.

In addition to those averages, this model also comes with automatic averaging, which means you can tell the monitor to average 8 weeks’ worth of readings to better understand your average results over a long period of time. This information is useful for your records, but it is also essential for productive communication with your doctor. The bp786  has all the benefits from the 785 model plus the Bluetooth Smart feauture.  This way you can wirelessly connect to your online device for digital blood pressure readings. With this option it’s easier to follow your progress over time and take the accurate steps to control your blood pressure.

Which Omron Blood Pressure Machine Do You Need?

If you have never used a blood pressure monitor before, you might feel intimidated by all the features on the advanced models. Fortunately, Omron includes a handy guide for each model to help you get to know the monitor and how it works.

You might want to try the simpler monitors at first, but remember that you will have to purchase an additional device if your current model doesn’t fit all your needs. Talk to your doctor about the best blood pressure monitor for you or use the information above to pick and choose the features most important to your health.

3 Series Upper Arm Omron BP710N
5 Series Upper Arm Omron BP742N
7 Series Upper Arm Omron BP760N
10 Series Upper Arm Omron BP786
3 Series Wrist Omron BP629
7 Series Wrist Omron BP652N