Stylish Diabetic Medical Alert Bracelets and Necklaces that Save Lives

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In an emergency situation, diabetes can be a life-threatening illness. If you are in an accident, coma, or have suffered from a condition that has rendered you unconscious, you could be given medicine that could spike or plummet your blood glucose levels. This could lead to coma or diabetic ketoacidosis, and both of these can lead to death. Even when the situations are less dire, what if you can’t communicate the fact that you need your insulin? Also, when you are ill with something less severe, a medication that isn’t diabetes-friendly can make you sicker and delay your recovery.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be like this. For patients alerting doctors, nurses, EMTs, and good Samaritans that they have Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes is as easy as wearing stylish diabetic medical alert bracelets and necklaces. This way it is a lot easier identifying diabetic issues.

How Medical Alert Jewelry Can Help

diabetes bracelet to wear for identificationVarious types of diabetic id jewelry allow information to be conveyed in an instant. If your blood sugar gets too low, and you are unconscious or incoherent, a look at a diabetes bracelet immediately tells the observer why. No matter the diabetic emergency, a diabetes medical alert bracelet or necklace points to the things that should be checked for first (such as blood glucose levels and A1C). EMTs and emergency room doctors understand that certain symptoms may manifest for different reasons when a patient is diabetic. This allows EMTs and doctors to start accurate treatments that could save your life.

Studies show that nearly 95% of paramedics and EMTs check for medical alert jewelry when they first arrive on the scene of an emergency. They are high-profile in the training of all the emergency medicine occupations. What is more, national health organizations like the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), National Institutes of Health (NIH), World Health Organization (WHO), National Association of EMS Educators, American Heart Association, and of course the American Diabetes Association all recommend medical alert jewelry. Suffice it to say, these life-saving pieces of fashion are more than just a passing trend!

The Versatility of Medical Jewelry

diabetes medical alert bracelet or necklace versatilityA diabetes medical alert bracelet or necklace doesn’t have to simply inform an observer that you have diabetes; it can do much more. Your name, emergency contact information, ailments, and the name of your primary care physician can all be printed on your jewelry. Even donor information can be printed on larger items. In addition to this, advancements in bar-code, microchip, and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies have allowed higher end jewelry to be scan-able. A quick scan with a secure smart phone or licensed medical scanning device can instantly reveal a patient’s ailments, essential information, and even his entire medical history. This new technology makes the jewelry indispensable at the scene of an emergency, in the emergency room, and even when visiting your physician for a routine check-up. It would be awesome if they also could measure your blood pressure in the future.

The Strength of Diabetic Jewelry

Diabetic bracelet offerAll of these live-saving advancements (not to mention your money) would be worthless if you bought, say, a diabetes awareness necklace that breaks under a little strain. This very reason is why new technology is combined with time-tested, expert craftsmanship to ensure a strong, durable piece of jewelry. Most medical alert jewelry is made from stainless steel. The chains and clasps are precisely made for maximum strength under strain. When constructed as a separate piece, the identifying medallion portion (the part with the universal medical symbol on it) is strongly welded and adhered. No matter the material of construction, this jewelry is made to last.

Their Variety of Fashions; Are They Cute and Pretty?

stylish diabetic bracelets and necklacesThe variety of diabetic id jewelry out there is not necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing of accessories. However, the best companies combine accuracy, life-saving clarity, technology, and durability while making pretty, stylish and cute diabetic bracelets and necklaces. Wrist medical IDs can be constructed as lightweight bands. They can be made to look like sleek, stylish watches. They can even be fashioned into jingly, highly feminine charm bracelets.

Medical ID necklaces come in a variety of styles as well. They can be fashioned into dog tags. Pendants of various sizes and shapes (in dramatic or whimsical permutations) can adorn a chain necklace made of beautiful metals. As an example of the versatility of fashion statements you can make, medical ID jewelry is now being made even for pets!

All of the above options include styles and sizes also geared toward children and teenagers. That means no more complaining about having to wear bulky, unattractive IDs. All jewelry is made from certified hypoallergenic materials. In addition, people who have allergies to certain metals have plenty of options.

Where to Find Them

You may be surprised at the sheer number of locations (both physical and online) where you can have these life-saving accessories designed and purchased. However, when your life may be at stake, now is not the time to stop being a discerning customer. Look for companies that guarantee the accuracy, strength, durability, and technology behind their products. A great example is this web shop for good looking and custom sized medical ID bracelets. Besides the fact their products are handmade in the US, they also support the American Diabetes Association. If you want a nice necklace, you can always take a look at Amazon.

Endorsements from key regional and national medical organizations are a great indicator of quality. And perhaps the best new of all is that most medical ID jewelry costs no more than $100 for the very best product.